Natomas, will help you completely automate critical customer communications via your choice of delivery options: USPS mail, secure e-Invoicing, fax and/or web posting. Of course, all your critical customer communications are securely archived for your exclusive access on a 24/7 basis. We can quickly and seamlessly replace excessive in-house printing, labor and mail equipment / processing costs with complete automation. Our gateway simply involves a quick setup to enable your print-file upload of statements, notices and any other customer communications you choose to include with your invoice delivery.


  • Get out invoices quickly and efficiently
  • Eliminate in-house printer lease payments, toner supply and maintenance costs
  • Eliminate in-house Inserter lease payment and maintenance costs
  • Eliminate in-house mail machine lease payment, meter rental fees, meter ink and maintenance costs.


  • No more stamps or metering
  • No more manual invoice folding, inserting and sealing envelope “parties”
  • No more forms and envelope storage
  • No more inventory management
  • Qualifying for the absolute best USPS first class postage rates
  • Fast processing and delivery
  • Increased flexibility to include personalized customer marketing Messages.
  • Having Mail history by account in an easy to access, secure, archived environment

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