September 11, 2015


Product Description


Atom Printhead only

Introducing Buskro’s latest innovation, The Atom. This exciting new product combines the speed, ruggedness, fluid choice and low ownership cost of Buskro’s Atlas and Aurora print systems with the capital cost of thermal Inkjet technology.

The Atom has been specifically designed to meet an entry level price point while offering a print system capable of most traditional addressing and simple variable inkjet personalization applications.

Building on the same proven technology found in Buskro’s 2500 and 5100 series printheads, Buskro has leveraged over 20 years of piezo inkjet experience to create an all in one, fully self-contained print system. All of the ink supply, life support, image generation and head monitoring systems are integrated inside the printhead body, making the Atom a totally free-standing, portable unit without the need for large external support cabinets. Buskro’s “Just Add Data” approach allows for interfacing with other third party software and data transmission packages to easily fit the Atom into existing production lines and work flows.

The Atom, offered in both solvent (Monet, Cezanne and Onyx) and UV curable (Renoir) ink choices, is available in 1″ and 2.55″ print swaths and boasts higher speeds as well as a lower total cost of ownership than cartridge based thermal inkjet systems.

Various methods can be employed to deliver data to The Atom. Buskro has developed a simplified version of our industry standard Compose IQ software package, which can be used to send layout information and data directly to the printer. Buskro has also entered into a partnership with Flex Systems, where the popular Flex Mail variable data printing software can be purchased or upgraded to support the Atom. The Atom can also be easily interfaced with third party data, sending software packages supporting .csv or LF/FF output protocols. In this case, Compose would still need to be used as a layout editor.

The Atom is an excellent candidate to replace aging thermal and continuous inkjet systems with a more modern print platform. Customers can leverage existing equipment such as feeders, transport systems, driers and conveyors to upgrade and update at an affordable price.



  • 1″ (25mm) and 2.55″ (65 mm) Print swath
  • Fully integrated and self-contained Printhead
  • Compatible with UV curable & solvent inks
  • High speed, low maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fast and easy integration
  • Interfaces with multiple software packages
  • Proven, reliable industrial print technology


ATOM Vertical DPI Horizontal DPI Speed
2530 300 DPI 100 DPI 4.62 m/s
2530 300 DPI 200 DPI 2.31 m/s
2530 300 DPI 300 DPI 1.54 m/s
2530 300 DPI 400 DPI 1.16 m/s
2530 300 DPI 600 DPI 0.77 m/s

Maximum speed based on #10 envelope, using a standard 100 character address block and IMB barcode at 11 point Arial. Additional text, increased font size and label positioning will decrease speeds.