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August 1, 2015

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Product Description

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AccuMail Verify Web

AccuMail Verify Web gives you the power of our real-time address verification web service for your website, intranet or other browser based applications, such as CRM systems.

AccuMail Verify Web prevents inaccurate or incomplete data from entering your systems, creating an ‘address quality firewall’ in the process.

CASS Certified for accuracy by the USPS, the AccuMail Verify Web API makes sure that each address entered is validated before it enters your database. Addresses are standardized and elements such as the ZIP + 4 and the County Code added.

No more incomplete addresses, incorrect ZIP Codes or misspelled street names. Enjoy quicker, more efficient data entry and all the benefits that more accurate data brings to your entire organization.

Mail Spotter

MailSpotter lets you view the progress of your mailings as they pass through the postal system, making use of the Intelligent Mail barcode (either Full-Service or Basic IMb works).

MailSpotter takes raw scan data from the USPS as your mail passes through postal facilities across the nation and turns it into easy-to-read charts, graphs and tables, putting valuable real-time tracking information at your fingertips.

AccuMail frameworks

Address Integrity is vital to your business. The value of your database and the strength of your mailing lists depend on your customer contact information being accurate.

AccuMail frameworks is also available in a Mailers Edition, which includes the AccuMail ProSort module, providing a fully-featured, PAVE Certified mailing software solution.

AccuMail frameworks Mailers Edition is designed to make each mailing as easy and efficient as possible, saving you time and maximizing your postal discounts.

AccuMail frameworks is the industry-leading address verification and correction solution. Features include:

CASS Certified – providing Form 3553, coding summaries & custom reports.

Address Correction – addresses are standardized & ZIP + 4 Codes assigned.

Address Validation – addresses are validated against the USPS database. Integrated DPV, LACSLink and SuiteLink.

Deduplication – advanced duplicate detection technology targets costly excesses in your database.

Data Enhancement – adds Carrier Route info, LOT Codes, County Names & Codes, Congressional Districts and more.

Multiple Import Options – works with many different file formats, including comma delimited, fixed width, Access, dBase and FoxPro file formats.

Data Management – Card View lets you edit customer data one entry at a time. Filters let you search for specific groups of customers along chosen parameters.

Optional NCOALink – real-time processing with AccuMail Move.